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Encourage Economic Empowerment
We are on a mission to support and uplift our students through love and encouragement.
We believe all students have a right to a financial literacy curriculum that is a pathway to wealth.
Every child deserves a relentless advocate who is highly invested in their success.

Why is Financial Literacy Critical?

"I am convinced that teaching middle and high school students in underserved communities how to make wise and impactful financial choices is a key to leading happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. In instances where these essential concepts and skills are not part of the school curriculum or home education, it becomes our collective responsibility as a community to intervene and provide this vital knowledge."

- Bernadette Fernandez, IEYF Founder


IEYF Youth Programs

IEYF provides students with the knowledge to make informed decisions and understand the

economic impact of real-world events on their lives and futures.

Support Students by Supporting Us -
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The behavioral finance and lifestyle summer Enrichment Program has been so far an educational program for my daughter. For only just a week she attended she has brought home ideas about budgeting learning financial tips and overall learning ethics of working and earning compensation.

- Elsa M.

My son has told me that this program really helped him learn the overall understanding of financial literacy and mental health. He comes home every day and tells me something new that he learned, he says the team is very nice and if there was another opportunity to join this program he would definitely want to join. Thank you to all the staff!

- Cecy V.

This program is very exceptional. My daughter participated in this program this summer and I'm very pleased with all the amazing life skills they are teaching her. We need this organization to continue with the wonderful work they are doing with our youth.


- Shannon A. 


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