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Get Involved with IEYF

Empower the Youth Through Financial Literacy
In Developing Essential Life Skills

At Imagine Etiquette Youth Foundation, we are committed to fostering economic empowerment through our unique financial literacy and lifestyle program, which includes social etiquette training. Our mantra, "Encourage Economic Empowerment," reflects our dedication to equipping young individuals with the skills and knowledge essential for personal and financial success.


How You Can Contribute to Our Mission

Understanding that it takes a collective effort, we are truly grateful for your interest and commitment to the Imagine Etiquette Youth Foundation. Here are six ways you can join us in our mission to create brighter futures for our students and break the cycle of generational poverty.

Your time and skills are invaluable to us. Join as a volunteer to help facilitate our financial literacy workshops or social etiquette classes. Whether it’s a few hours a month or more, your involvement can have a profound impact.

Your financial support is crucial in sustaining and expanding our programs. Contributions of any size are greatly appreciated and go directly towards providing essential resources and training to our youth.

Share your knowledge and experience by mentoring our participants. Your insights can guide them in navigating the complexities of financial management and social interactions, paving the way for their future success.

Collaborate with us as a corporate partner. Your business can play a vital role in nurturing the next generation of financially savvy and socially adept individuals.

Attend our events to show your support and help raise awareness for our cause. These gatherings are crucial for networking and fundraising to further our mission.

Advocate for our foundation by sharing information about our work with your network. Engage with us on social media, and help amplify our message of economic empowerment through financial literacy and social etiquette.

"Together, let’s encourage economic empowerment for our youth to develop a brighter, more prosperous future."

- Bernadette Fernandez, Founder


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Join Our Cause

We warmly invite you to become a part of the Imagine Etiquette Youth Foundation family. To get involved, please visit our contact page and let us know how you would like to contribute. Your participation can truly transform lives and cultivate a generation that is economically empowered

and socially skilled.

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