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About IEYF

Imagine Etiquette Youth Foundation (IEYF) was founded on the belief that financial literacy is essential to success in life and that all children, regardless of whether or

not the skills were taught in the home, should have free access to a curriculum.

A study conducted by Harvard Business School, "The impact of mandated personal finance and mathematics courses", show that students who have received personal finance education make different financial choices, resulting in:


  • Improved credit scores

  • Reduced default rates

  • More likely to have a credit file

  • Less likely to have outstanding debt


For more than 10 years, Imagine Etiquette, Inc., the sister company to IEYF has been providing select schools in Southern California with a critically acclaimed curriculum

that teaches finance, life, and social etiquette skills. Thousands of students, fortunate enough to have attended a school that offers the program, are now armed with the

skills and tools necessary to reach their full potential and navigate adulthood

successfully. You can learn more about the program and read success stories here.


IEYF was formed so all children can access Imagine Etiquette’s financial literacy curriculum. Through a FREE one-week summer program, all participants will be led through a curriculum that teaches financial proficiency, which, for low-income youth,

is a cornerstone to escaping generational poverty.


IEYF Vision

At IEYF, we envision a nation where every young person, irrespective of their family background or the societal challenges they face, has equitable access to opportunities that allow them to realize their fullest potential. Central to this vision is a robust understanding of financial systems and how they work to aid and challenge consumers. Our commitment is deeply rooted in addressing the stark wealth disparities highlighted by statistics such as the 2019 finding where the median wealth of Black households in the U.S. was only $24,100 compared to $189,100 for white households. Through comprehensive education in financial literacy and informed decision-making, we strive to empower youth to navigate and positively influence these systems, ultimately contributing to a more equitable and financially inclusive society.

Board of Directors


Mikara Davis

Mikara Davis of Los Angeles currently serves as a school leadership consultant and coach and founder of Educational Equity for ALL, Inc., since 2005. Most recently, she and her family relocated to Memphis, where she continued her consulting work with The Charter School Growth Fund, Freedom Preparatory Academy Schools, Memphis Business Academy, and KIPP Memphis. She has served as the founding Chief Academic Officer for KIPP Los Angeles (now KIPPSocal) where she developed and managed leaders and ensured that academic excellence was the center of the developing region. She helped the region grow from 2 to 7 schools. The schools at KIPP SoCal were amongst the highest in LAUSD, the state, and the nation, with both the highest-performing middle and elementary schools in LAUSD.


They also were amongst the top ten in the state of California, with several receiving the National Blue Ribbon Award and recognition as top schools in the country as rated by US News & World Report. Davis has also served as a leadership coach and educational consultant for the Citizens of the World Charter Schools, Rocketship Education, Compton Unified School District, The Wilder Preparatory Academy Charter School, Glendale Unified, Monrovia Unified, Teach for America Los Angeles, Honolulu School District, and the KIPP Foundation. During that time, she successfully helped several schools get out of PI status and two schools jump over 100 API points in one year, ensuring that every school she has worked with shows growth while meeting growth metrics.


In addition, Davis served as a Senior Policy Analyst for the Los Angeles Unified School District's Board. Prior to that, Davis was the principal at Ralph J. Bunche Elementary School in the Compton Unified School District, where she took the school from an API of 495 to 868 in six years, the most growth of any school in California during a five-year period to date and became the first Title I Award winning school and California Distinguished School in the history of the Compton Unified School District. Davis received a bachelor of arts from the University of Virginia, a master’s degree (Ed.M) in education administration with an emphasis in policy and bilingual education from Columbia University, and is a Teach for America Alum. She is currently a Board Member at St. Mary’s School for Girls and is the Chair of the board’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. In addition, she is a member of the DEI committee at Memphis University School and the Board of Trustees at St. Mary’s School, sitting on their Executive Committee and chairing their DEI Committee. She has been

a member of the Board of KIPP Memphis for several years, chaired their Academic Committee, and now serves as the

Board Chair.


Stephanie King

Stephanie King serves as an Operations Manager within  Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, specifically  

contributing to the Product Development, Approvals & License Management domain. As a key member of the leadership team, Stephanie provides strategic guidance and oversees the effective functioning of the domain. Her primary focus involves developing a comprehensive operations framework, assessing organizational effectiveness, and cultivating collaboration with both internal and external stakeholders. 


In 2017, Stephanie expanded her professional portfolio by joining Soul Beach Festival Productions as a Public Relations  

Specialist. In this role, she is tasked with developing media and digital materials, strategizing the execution of campaigns, and reporting on industry trends. 


Before her tenure with Genentech and Soul Beach Festival Productions, Stephanie held the  position of Senior Associate with Amgen's Digital Health & Innovation (DH&I) team. Within this role, she played a pivotal part in the Strategy, Business Development, and Communications sector of DH&I. Stephanie focused on external engagement and branding, actively connecting with internal and external stakeholders to position DH&I as leaders in the digital domain. 


Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from California State University of  Bakersfield, with a Minor in Sociology. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Stephanie is a dedicated mother of two. In her leisure time, she finds joy in activities such as writing, traveling,  cycling, strength training, pilates, reading, and planning exciting family vacations.


Leisa Nwankwo

Leisa Nwankwo is an accomplished professional currently serving as the Accounts Payable and Vendor Relations Manager at Magnolia Educational and Research Foundation, a position she has held for 8 years. In this role, she oversees the financial operations for a large public K-12 charter school, managing a student population of 3900. Leisa's educational background is solidified by her recent accomplishment: she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Pepperdine University's Graziadio Business Management School in April 2023.


Her career also includes significant military service, where she served as a Soldier in the National Guard from 1988 to 1992, attaining the rank of E4, position, 52 Bravo Admin Tech. This period in the military showcases her commitment and discipline.

Leisa's experience in the non-profit sector is extensive. She worked as a Donor Relations Manager at Opportunity Village for 5 years, and subsequently at St. Jude's Children's Ranch in Boulder City, Nevada, for 1 year. Her philanthropic efforts are dedicated to advocating for the disadvantaged and disabled, with a particular focus on ensuring college accessibility for all children, including those in foster care.


On a personal note, Leisa maintains strong ties to the Los Angeles community, where she lives with her husband. As a mother to an adult son who has embarked on his own journey, she embodies a blend of professional dedication and personal fulfillment. Her passion for food and travel takes her to diverse and unique restaurants, reflecting her love for new experiences and exploration. This aspect of her life showcases her adventurous spirit and her appreciation for the rich tapestry of cultures and cuisines.

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