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IEYF Programs

IEYF Summer Camp 2024: Empowering Youth with Financial Literacy and Life Skills


IEYF Summer Camp is a transformative one-week program designed for middle and high school students. In 2024, we will offer four consecutive one-week camps, each tailored to specific age groups. It's crucial to register for the appropriate session to ensure an optimal learning experience.


Session Overview:


MondayIntroduction to Financial Literacy

  • Middle School: Basics of Saving and Budgeting

  • High School: Advanced Budgeting and Financial Planning


Tuesday - Behavioral Economics and Lifestyle Choices

  • Middle School: Understanding Needs vs. Wants

  • High School: Long-term Financial Decision Making


Wednesday - Mental Health and Financial Stability

  • Middle School: Stress Management in Financial Contexts

  • High School: Financial Anxiety and Emotional Well-being


Thursday - Practical Financial Skills

  • Middle School: Basic Banking and Money Management

  • High School: Investment Basics and Risk Management


Friday - Life Skills and Future Planning

  • Middle School: Goal Setting and Future Financial Planning

  • High School: Preparing for College/Workplace Financial Responsibilities


The IEYF Summer Camp offers a comprehensive curriculum that empowers young individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for financial independence and mental resilience, setting a strong foundation for their future success.

Middle School Students

Upon Completion for Middle Schoolers:

  • Mastery of basic financial concepts such as saving, budgeting, and setting financial goals.

  • Understanding the connection between mental health and financial decisions.

  • Enhanced life skills focusing on goal setting and future planning.

High School

Upon Completion for High Schoolers:

  • Advanced understanding of financial planning, investment basics, and risk management.

  • Ability to manage financial anxiety and maintain emotional well-being in relation to finances.

  • Preparedness for college or workplace financial responsibilities, including budgeting and planning for the future.

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